CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER HERE IN HOUSTON: How to dress while going to court?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to dress while going to court?

When it comes to a criminal charge or any charge for that matter, the thing is that you need to appear in the court. If you take the account of any Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyer, the way you dress up matters a lot in the court. There are certain etiquette that need to be followed in the courtroom. You might be arrested for a drug charge or a murder charge, you need to follow these tips to create a good impression.

You should follow these dressing tips when you are going to your hearing or trial.

Basic and Simple: You are summoned to the court of law because of some wrongdoings and keeping the “rebel” attitude out of the court is a great idea to start. You are not there to impress people with your dress, rather put a subtle hint out there that you are civilized. A simple suit will make things easier for you. However, make sure the suit is not an overpriced one that will make the doubts stronger. In case you don't have a suit and don't want to invest money in it, make sure you are wearing something subtle. A shirt and a tie make a great combo. Women can dress up in a simple dress that doesn't reveal much.

Say No to Jewellery: If you are the kind that likes glitters on your dress, great decision, but that's not what the court wants to look at. The foremost importance is to come to a decision for the felony you are charged with. Jewellery doesn't look subtle and might look like a show of power and wealth. This will put a negative impression on the juries. The motive is to look as far from a criminal stereotype as possible.

Not the Outfit You Wore On The Day of The Act: This holds true if you have really committed the crime and even if you haven't. The witnesses will be in the courtroom to point a finger at you and with the same outfit, you give them the chance with conviction. If you have committed a crime wearing a black tuxedo, please keep it away and come with a simple shirt and a tie. The memories will be reinforced seeing you in the same getup.

These are some simple yet effective tips that you should follow when you are going to the court for your criminal charge trial. Take the advice of any Harris County criminal defense lawyer and they will say the same. A courtroom trial is one of the most exhausting affairs and the judge and juries observe the minute things about you before coming to a decision. Hence, being subtle is the key.

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